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Limud (Hebrew School) K-12

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Limud Staff wish everyone a happy Chanukah. 
-This museum not only made me more aware of my Jewish heritage, but also of the horror that was the Holocaust. It was really inspiring to see how people found ways to keep Judaism alive. – Zosia
-Seeing the museum made me feel very emotional and more in touch with my Jewish heritage. Knowing that almost half of the Jews in the world were brutally murdered is awful, along with five million others. I was able to learn facts about the Holocaust that were previously unknown to me. I am happy to have participated in this trip and this emotional experience. – Julia
-The Holocaust was a terrible time in history. I felt connected to it because of my Jewish heritage. – Gal
-I learned that Jews went through a lot of hard times through all of history. It was so sad to see many of the pictures and items in the museum. – Eli
-I thought that the Torah in the beginning of the museum was very special. It was the Torah that was going to be used in the Nazi museum about the Jews after the Holocaust. – Aidan
-I learned a lot about the Jewish people from before the Holocaust. One thing I saw was a sukkah cover from Hungary before the war, and I thought that was a yearly tradition for some one. Then we transitioned into the Holocaust and learned a lot about how the Nazis were killing and discriminating against the Jews. – Eitan

Limud (Hebrew School) Grades K-12

Limud is not your grandparents' Hebrew school. It's a Hebrew school that children are actually excited to attend. Limud focuses, above all, on "values" and "experiential learning."

On Sunday mornings, the Rabbi, Cantor, Principal and teachers begin the day by gathering with students and parents to catch up on the week just passed. This Kehillah - a half hour assembly of song, story-telling and stressing values, such as Kindness (Chesed), Respect (Kavod) and Healing the World (Tikkun Olam), sets the stage for formal learning with hand-picked teachers selected for their teaching skills and ability to reach students of all ages, family background and Hebrew levels.

Please click here for the 2020-2020 Limud Schedule.

At Limud, we seek to develop and nurture learners of all ages. We believe that this vision can only be realized through "whole person learning," which is acquired not only through books, but also- and perhaps more so- through doing and experiencing. This includes special projects and a vigorous social action program.

We are supremely proud of our post-Bar/Bat Mitzvah students. Many of them remain closely connected to Limud as counselors and tutors (madrichim) for our younger students. Limud High students meet on Sunday mornings to learn about topics that interest them, and we take their feedback and input very seriously. They are our most trusted advisers. 

These are but a few of the qualities that make CTI's Limud exceptional, beloved by both parents and students, and a source of great pride to the entire congregation.

Thu, July 29 2021 20 Av 5781