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Rabbi, Cantor Kol Nidre Appeal Message

Shalom everyone.  
Attached is a video from the Rabbi and Cantor asking you to support CTI's annual Kol Nidre appeal. We ask your help in supporting our largest fundraiser of the year -- crucial to the sustainability of our congregation.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, CTI has worked hard to be there for you as a place to convene Jewishly, and that has included religious  services, classes, and various other opportunities to learn, pray, enjoy and schmooze.
Specifically, CTI has:
  • Launched numerous Zoom based programs and services designed to keep our community connected.
  • Maintained our Limud Hebrew school through both in person and virtual classes.
  • Relaunched some of our preschool programs.
  • Invested in technology in order to keep both existing and new congregants connected.
With the High Holidays approaching we hope you will support this effort to ensure CTI remains healthy and successful into the next year and beyond.
Please go to our Donate page, and choose "Kol Nidre Appeal" to support this important campaign. Thank you so much for your support. I look forward to seeing you either in person or on Zoom during the High Holidays.
Shanah tovah,
Tue, March 21 2023 28 Adar 5783