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CTI Israel Trip 2017

cti 2017 israel trip

CTI's trip to Israel in July 2017 was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, filled with learning, joy, spiritually and indescribable camaraderie. In addition to CTI congregants, we had travelers from Canada, California, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Virginia. Following are comments from some of the travelers:

  • Still riding high from the fantasic vacation. We saw things you can only experience in Israel, which would have been enough, but sharing them with such a wonderful group of people elevated the whole experience to a higher level. Chris Colston, VA
  • The amazing experience opened my eyes to the history of Israel and increased my respect for the people who live there today...I have not stopped talking about the trip and encourage anyone who will listen to go there. Myself, I am ready to return tomorrow! Cathy Gutman, NJ
  • The trip enabled me to rejuvenate my connection and commitment to Judaism. You and the people of CTI are a remarkable group. Thank you for welcoming me and my famly. Marion Leighton, VA
  • Thank you for giving me and Howie the opportunity to experience Israel in such a special way....A large part of the intensity of emotion came from sharing the experience with people who cared and were moved by experiencing it together...I started out as a new CTI member and found not only a relatable Jewish community, but new, intelligent and special people that I can now call friends. Jackie Sacher
  • It was an amazing trip and will help us start a new chapter in our lives. We saw a lot of Israel, from biblical times to the Jewish State since 1948 are truly got the feeling of what the country is all about. Dan Wolf, MA
  • Thank you again for allowing me to experience the trip of a lifetime with you and the CTI Family. It was an incredibly emotional, adventure-filled, intellectually stimulating journey. Laurie Feigenbaum




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