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The Inside Clothing We Wear #666

02/26/2021 06:41:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Tetzavah The Inside clothing We Wear

It’s fashion week in the Torah.

So, what does that have to do with you and me? A lot, according to our Sages.

We don’t know whether Abraham sported a quick wash and dry fabric, or what brand of sandals Sarah wore. With the notable exception of Joseph and his multi-colored coat, the Torah doesn’t seem to notice what people wear.

Until this...

Your Home is Your Temple #665

02/19/2021 05:30:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Terumah

“Let them make Me a sanctuary so that I may dwell among them..” (Exodus 25:8)

Your Home is Your Temple

When I first arrived in the United States in 2004, I began hearing a “Jewish” word I was not used to.

That word was “temple.”

Growing up in Canada, I was accustomed to words like “synagogue” or “shul,” but “temple” was something relatively new.

For me, the...

Southern Slavery vs. Jewish "Slavery" #664

02/12/2021 05:10:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Mishpatim

“An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” (Exodus 21:24)

Southern Slavery vs. Jewish "Slavery"

A few years ago, while traveling through rural Tennessee, I found myself in an impromptu conversation while waiting to pay for gas at a rest stop.

“Are you a rabbi?” I was asked.

“I am,” I replied, noticing that she and her husband were looking at my kippah.

“Then I have a...

Why Jews Believe in Doing #663

02/05/2021 04:45:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Yitro

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”  – Yoda

Why Jews Believe in Doing

There is a fundamental difference between Judaism and many western religions.

While the Christian Truth Center declares on its website, “To be called a Christian you need faith,” Jews have struggled for centuries with the issue of belief.

We have within our congregation those...

Creating Our Own Miracles #662

01/29/2021 05:00:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Beshalach

“Why do you cry out to me? Tell the Israelites to go forward.” (Exodus 14:15).

Creating Our Own Miracles

The rabbis of the Talmud disagree with producers of the 1956 film The Ten Commandments, or more recently, with the writers of the 1998 animated movie, The Prince of Egypt.

Who was the first person to “really” step into the Sea of Reeds?

If you guessed Moses, you are...

The Birth of Your Passover Seder #661

01/22/2021 05:45:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Bo   The Birth of Your Passover Seder

We read 54 sections of the Torah each year.

But, there is no parashah more important to your family and to the continuity of the Jewish people than the one we read this week. You already know it — perhaps not verbatim, but in spirit.

God, through Moses and his spokesperson Aaron, demands that Pharaoh, “Let my people go....”

And, as they...

Dr. Martin Luther KinG Jr. and the Jews #660

01/15/2021 05:43:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Va'era   Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Jews

If there was ever anyone who understood the parallels between the Jewish and African American journeys — it was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In 1958, speaking at the American Jewish Committee convention, Dr. King observed:

“My people were brought to America in chains. Your people were driven here to escape the chains fashioned for them in Europe....Read more...

The Meaning of Your Name #659

01/08/2021 05:35:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Shemot   The Meaning of Your Name

I’d like you to do something.

Please raise your hand, if you are named after someone in your family, who no longer walks this earth.

You are not alone.

Most Jewish people carry the name of a grandparent, aunt, uncle or family friend. Who are you named after?

This question is important because these days, while many couples struggle with what to name...Read more...

Knock Before You Enter #658

01/01/2021 05:40:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Vayechi:
"Israel summoned his strength and sat up in bed”
(Genesis 48:2)   "Knock Before you Enter"


I heard a story years ago about a well-intentioned group of missionaries who traveled to Uganda in hope of improving the lives of those in need.

Through their travels through rural regions, they noticed that every day, the residents of one village walked almost two miles in each...Read more...

The Jacob Vaccine #657

12/25/2020 04:30:00 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Vayiggash:
"Do not be distressed you sold me in Egypt. It was to save life that God sent me ahead of you.”
(Genesis 45:5)   The Jacob Vaccine


There are many types of vaccines.

On our minds these days, is the vaccine against COVID-19, which is beginning to make its way across the world.

The idea behind a vaccine, of course, is that it immunizes us against a physical disease...Read more...

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