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Growing Up With The Queen #743

09/09/2022 05:39:39 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Ki Teitzei

Growing Up With The Queen


I am my mother’s son.

For many years, as I was growing up in Montreal, Queen Elizabeth II, in many ways, was a cherished member of our family.

One of Mom’s prized possessions was a black and white photo of King George and Queen Elizabeth’s motorcade taken in 1939 by her high school’s caretaker.  

She attended...

Tzedakah: What Does it Really Mean? #742

09/02/2022 06:13:32 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Shoftim "Justice justice shall you pursue." Deuteronomy 16:20

Tzedakah: What Does it Really Mean?


There is a story about Jack Ain, one of our past presidents, who years ago - at the end of weekday services - would collect money from those present.

After services, a stream of financially challenged local residents – some homeless – would often appear at the synagogue...Read more...

What is Kosher to You? #741

08/26/2022 02:14:19 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Re'eh

What is Kosher to You?


When I enter a dollar store, I sometimes wonder if I am doing the right thing.

Of course, like many, I like to conserve resources. A Talmudic teaching says that the money we save by spending less is the extra money we can give toward tzedakah (charity) or investing in the education or the welfare of our families.

But...

What's In Your Mezuzah? #740

08/19/2022 02:29:37 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Eikev: "And you shall write them on the doorposts of your homes, and in your gates." (Deuteronomy 6:9)

What's In Your Mezuzah?


On a particularly cold night in Edmonton, Canada, as we were having dinner, the doorbell rang.

“Good evening, we are from the Diabetes Association,” the middle-aged man at the door informed me, his words piercing through the cold fog. Next to...Read more...

Why Two Shabbat Candles? #739

08/12/2022 05:58:18 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Va'etchanan: "Observe the Shabbat"

Why Two Shabbat Candles?


About 20 years ago, a rabbi conducted an informal survey to identify the question most asked by Jews of their rabbi.

Could it be, “What is the meaning of life?” or “Why were we born?” or “Where do we go after our earthly days are over?”

No. Not even close. According to the rabbi, The answer was: “Why...Read more...

The Places of Our Lives #738

08/05/2022 05:49:04 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Devarim

“There are places I’ll remember,

All my life though some have changed

Some forever, not for better

Some have gone and some remain.”

John Lennon, Paul McCartney, 1965

The Places of Our Lives


We live in a time of miracles. 

How remarkable it is that we can text a friend or relative anywhere on the globe, and the message is...Read more...

Glen Cove Loses a Friend #737

07/29/2022 04:46:30 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Matot-Massei

“After all, what have we got here? A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A pot, a pan, a broom, and a hat." Anatevka, Fiddler on the Roof

Glen Cove Loses a Friend


According to the store receipt, I paid my final visit about an hour before the end.

I left the synagogue at about 1:45 pm, Thursday, on the premise that our shul’s coffee nook needed a new...Read more...

Elijah: A Guide to Life's Inner Meaning #736

07/22/2022 04:38:39 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Pinchas: “And after the fire, a soft murmuring sound.” (Book of Kings 1, 19:12)

Elijah: A Guide to Life's Inner Meaning


Perhaps one of the most overlooked characters in the entire Bible is Elijah, the Prophet.

We know him well.

We welcome Elijah near the close of the Passover Seder as we encourage him to drink from Elijah’s Cup, which contains our hopes for a better,...Read more...

Should Your Email Remain Confidential? #735

07/15/2022 05:32:38 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Balak: “How goodly are thy tents, O Jacob, thy dwellings, O Israel.” (Numbers 24:5)

Should Your Email Remain Confidential?


I have a question relating to privacy.

When you send an email or text - perhaps containing something sensitive or personal - do you expect your message to remain private?

It’s a question we consider whenever we put something to paper – or...Read more...

Why We Observe Shiva, Shloshim, and More #734

07/08/2022 06:09:52 PM


Rabbi Irwin Huberman

Parashat Chukat: “Aaron was mourned by the entire House of Israel for 30 days.” Numbers 20:29

Why We Observe Shiva, Shloshim, and More


Often, when someone in our congregation suffers the loss of a loved one, they turn to Judaism for comfort and support, and I am asked four questions.

Why do we attempt to bury a loved within one day?

Why do we sit shiva for seven...

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